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Autonomous Mining|Jiugang Xigou Mine "5G+Smart Mine" Project

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With the rapid development of technology, autonomous mining has become a popular trend in the mining industry. In China, driveless mining technolgy has also been developed and put into application for some time. This article will introduce Jiugang Xigou Mine "5G+Smart Mine" Project in China in 3 aspects, including project introduction, innovations and influences. Let's dive in now!

01Project Introduction


The mining area is located in an alpine mountainous area at an altitude of about 3,400 meters, with a temperature difference of 70 degrees between summer and winter. Over the years, due to long-term work in harsh environments, the company has suffered a serious loss of personnel. Boonray Technology has joined hands with Gansu Mobile and Huawei to build the country's first smart mine system integrating truck, shovel and drill operations. After the system was officially put into use, the operators were separated from the harsh environment and separated from the production equipment, eliminating personal safety hazards.

The first phase of JISCO completed the unmanned transformation of 2 vehicles and 1 shovel. After the completion of the project, the production area of the mining area realized continuous safe production without safety personnel at night. Save nearly 2.8 million labor costs per year, reduce fuel consumption by 5%, and reduce tire wear by 30%.

The second phase of the JISCO project is to intelligently transform the vehicles and equipment of the entire Xigou Mine. Due to the large number of on-site equipment and tight delivery deadlines, Boonray Technology formulated and implemented a standardized process for unmanned mining truck restructuring in the second phase of the JISCO project. At the same time, the whole process was tested and verified according to the vehicle test specifications, and the wire-controlled equipment was realized. The restructuring was completed with high efficiency and high quality within 5 days, which is at the leading level in the industry. At the same time, Boonray Technology has also realized the modular and non-destructive transformation of the mine truck line control system with full independent intellectual property rights in the second phase project of Jiugang Xigou Mine, which has greatly improved the efficiency of vehicle operation and maintenance in the later stage. After the completion of the project, JISCO's Xigou Mine will realize 24-hour unmanned production in the extremely harsh environment at an altitude of nearly 4,000 meters.

02Project innovation


• Intelligent driving algorithm platform for high-altitude and harsh environments in mining areas. The platform uses millimeter-wave radar, laser radar and other sensors installed on the vehicle to detect the surrounding environment for data fusion and environmental prediction, gathers, models, and fuses and analyzes multi-source information to build an intelligent platform network collaboration system to realize human- Vehicle-road-environment comprehensive traffic situation awareness to improve the accuracy and robustness of environment perception. Predict short-term and long-term changes in the operating environment in a highly complex and uncertain driving environment, and dynamically adjust the parameters of the sensing algorithm in real time to improve the adaptive ability and anti-interference ability of the sensing algorithm. At present, Boonray Technology has good algorithm solutions for heavy dust, rain and snow in mining areas.

• The standardized process for the transformation of unmanned mining trucks has achieved efficient and high-quality completion of the transformation of wire-controlled equipment within 5 days.

• The modular and non-destructive restructuring of the mining truck wire control system with full independent intellectual property rights has greatly improved the efficiency of the later operation and maintenance of the vehicle.

• The self-developed anti-icing automatic drainage system in the alpine region effectively solves the problem of ice-freezing brake failure of mining vehicles in cold conditions, and ensures that the braking pipeline of the vehicle is always in a state of high dryness and low moisture residue, which solves the problem of freezing in winter The inconvenience of manual drainage or work mistakes, the decrease of braking force caused by the blockage of ice in the pipeline, and the failure of brakes ensure driving safety.

• Multiple redundant brake safety systems, in the event of a brake system failure, there are multiple protections to ensure the safe operation of the vehicle after the safety officer is released.

03Industry influence


• The project has been highly valued by Gansu Province and has been awarded the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's "Excellent Scenario of Robot Application in Mining Field" and the first prize of the fifth "Blooming Cup" of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

• Based on multiple redundant braking systems and reliable algorithms, this project is the first in China to realize continuous safe production without safety personnel at night, essentially realizing safe production in mining areas.

• The industry's first truck-shovel-drill collaborative operation project, and the system between various large-scale equipment is in the leading position in the industry. The whole process greatly reduces manual intervention, achieving the goal of reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and operating safely in the mining area.

04TO Wrap Up


In conclusion, the "5G+Smart Mine" project at Jiugang Xigou Mine is an innovative and groundbreaking project that has introduced cutting-edge autonomous mining technologies to the mining industry in China. The project has brought significant improvements in safety, efficiency, and productivity in mining operations, and has demonstrated the potential of 5G and smart mine systems to transform the sector. The success of this project is expected to have a lasting impact on the mining industry, and to stimulate further innovation and development in the sector.



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