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How to Operate the Jaw Crusher Correctly?

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Jaw crusher is the commonly used crushing equipment in mining, architectural material and other industries. Correct operation is one of the important factors to ensure the continuous and normal operation of the jaw crusher. Improper operation may reduce the jaw crusher efficiency and even endanger the life of the operator. The following will introduce what operations should be done before starting the jaw crusher, during operation, and when stopping.

01 Preparation Before Jaw Crusher Starting

  • Check the wear of the jaw crusher tooth plate and adjust the size of the outlet

  • Check whether there is ore in the crushing cavity. If there are large stones, they must be removed

  • Check whether the connecting bolts are loose

  • Check whether the protective cover of the pulley and flywheel is complete

  • Check whether the tightness of the V-belt and the tension rod spring is appropriate

  • Check the lubrication system and the oil volume of oil storage tank (or dry oil reservoir)

  • Check whether the electrical equipment and signal system are normal

02 Matters Needing Attention During Operation


(1) Before starting jaw crusher, you should start the oil pump motor and cooling system first. After 3-4 minutes, when the oil pressure and oil flow indicator are normal, then start the motor of the jaw crusher.

(2) After starting, if the jaw crusher has an abnormal knocking sound, you should stop it immediately. After identifying and eliminating the defects, then restart the machine.

(3) Jaw crusher must be started without load. After the jaw crusher can operate normally, the feeding equipment can be started. The ore to be fed into the jaw crusher should be gradually increased until full load operation.

(4) During the operation, you must pay attention to feeding the ore evenly. And the ore cannot fill the crushing cavity. The maximum particle size of the feed block should not be greater than 0.85 times the width of the feed port. At the same time, you must prevent non-crushing material such us the shovel teeth of the electric shovel and the drill bit from entering the jaw crusher when feeding the ore. Once you find that these non-crushing material enter the crushing cavity and pass through the output, you should immediately notify the belt transportation operator to take them out in time to avoid entering the next section of the crusher and causing serious equipment accidents.

(5) During the operation, you should always pay attention to whether the large ore block is stuck in the feed port of the jaw crusher. If it is stuck, you must use the iron hook to flip the ore. If the large ore needs to be removed from the crushing chamber, you should use special equipment to remove it. It is strictly prohibited to do this by hand to avoid accidents.

(6) During operation, if too much ore is fed or the crushing cavity is blocked, the ore feeding should be suspended. After the ore in the crushing cavity is crushed, start the feeder. But at this time the jaw crusher must continue to run.

(7) During the operation of the machine, you should regularly check the various parts working conditions of the jaw crusher and the bearing temperature by watching, listening, touching and other methods. For sliding bearings of large jaw crushers, you should pay more attention to the bearing temperature. Generally, the bearing temperature should not exceed 60℃ to prevent the alloy bearing liner from melting and causing tile burning accidents. When the bearing temperature is found to be very high, do not immediately stop it, but take effective measures to reduce the bearing temperature in time, such as increasing the oil supply, forced ventilation or water cooling, etc. After the bearing temperature drops, stop the machine for inspection and troubleshooting.

(8) In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine, only personnel who arrange the operating procedures can operate the crusher

03 Operation While Jaw Crusher Stopping


(1) You must stop the jaw crusher in the order of the production process. First of all, you must stop feeding the ore first, and then stop the jaw crusher and belt conveyor after all the ore in the crushing cavity is discharged. When the jaw crusher stops completely, you can stop the motor of the oil pump.

(2)  It should be noted that if the jaw crusher stops suddenly for some reason, when the accident is handled, the backlog of ore in the crushing cavity must be removed before starting operation

04To Wrap Up


The above are the matters that should be paid attention to when starting, operating and stopping of jaw crusher. Correct operation of jaw crusher can not only improve production efficiency, but also extend the jaw crusher service life.

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