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5 Commonly Equipment in Quartz Sand Beneficiation

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Xinhai mineral processing EPC

According to the introduction of the previous article, we mainly learned about five kinds of equipment commonly used in quartz sand beneficiation, including rod mill, magnetic separator, flotation machine, hindered settler, and XCIII hydrocyclone. In this article, we will mainly introduce high-frequency high-efficiency dewatering screen, inclined plate thickener, scrubber, desliming bucket, and slurry pump. These five types of equipment are also commonly used in quartz sand concentrators.

01 High-frequency and high-efficiency dewatering screen


The structure of high-frequency and high-efficiency dewatering screen includes vibration motor, screen, dewatering screen frame, support and rubber spring. High-frequency and high-efficiency dewatering screen is a new type of high-efficiency dewatering equipment with simple structure, convenient maintenance and simple operation.

In the quartz sand concentrator, the high-frequency and high-efficiency dewatering screen adopts a unique sieve plate structure, and the high-frequency vibration of the motor not only makes it difficult for the pulp particles to pass through the screen holes, but also has a higher dewatering efficiency, and the final water content is less than 15. % of dry heap tailings.

High-Frequency and High-Efficiency Dewatering Screen Quartz ore.jpg

High-Frequency and High-Efficiency Dewatering Screen

02 Inclined Plate Thickener


The inclined plate thickener is a slurry gravity thickening equipment designed with inclined parallel plates in the settlement area. The whole machine includes an upper box and a lower cone.

For the quartz sand concentrator, the concentration process of the inclined plate thickener is completed in each independent inclined plate channel, and the fine-grain overflow or clean water is directly discharged laterally from the overflow surface of each channel, which shortens the overflow discharge path and effectively solves the problem. The problem of short circuit and circulation of fine particles in the overflow discharge process ensures a high classification and concentration efficiency, and the return water efficiency of classification and concentration can generally reach more than 70%. Compared with other thickeners, the inclined plate thickener used in the quartz sand concentrator can accelerate the separation of ore particles, shorten the material settling time, strengthen the separation and settling process, improve the concentration efficiency, reduce capital investment, and increase the production capacity by about 3 times.

Inclined Plate Thickener Quartz ore.jpg

Inclined Plate Thickener

03 Scrubber


With the help of the mechanical force of the scrubbing machine and the grinding force between the sand particles, the thin-film iron, bonding and muddy impurity deposits on the surface of the quartz sand are removed, and the mineral aggregates that have not been formed into monomers are further scraped, and then further purified by the classification operation. The role of silica sand.

At present, the quartz sand scrubbing equipment mainly includes high-efficiency stirring scrubbing machines and spiral groove scrubbing machines.

The high-efficiency stirring scrubber is mainly composed of a motor, a reducer, a main shaft, upper, middle and lower impellers, and a tank body. The motor drives the three-layer specially designed rubber impeller on the main shaft to rotate through the hard-tooth surface reducer, and scrubs the material strongly. , low failure rate, suitable for natural or artificial sand with mineral particle size of 0-6mm, various loose mud particles or materials, for particle scrubbing and cleaning and mud material dispersion, dissociation, separation, can effectively remove glue adhered to Solvents and soils on mineral or material surfaces.

Spiral groove scrubber is composed of groove body, left and right helical blade shaft, transmission device and so on. The motor drives the two helical shafts to rotate relative to each other through the reducer and the large and small gears, and the blades on the helical shaft are staggered. The mud mass and the ore particles adhering to the surface of the ore slime are rubbed and scrubbed with the help of the blade and rinsed with an appropriate amount of high-pressure water from the upper end of the tank body, so that the ore slime can be broken up and separated from the ore particles to achieve the purpose of washing. The spiral groove scrubber has a better washing effect for the quartz sand with a certain proportion of mud content, especially for the viscous mud mass.

Scrubber Quartz ore.jpg


04 Desliming Bucket


The desliming bucket is a simple equipment for classification, desliming and concentration. The pulp is fed into the central cylinder along the tangent direction and flows out from the bottom edge after buffering. The outflow pulp flows radially to the surrounding overflow dam. During this process, the coarse particles whose sedimentation velocity is greater than the liquid upflow velocity will settle in the tank and be discharged through the bottom grit. The fine particles enter the overflow tank with the surface slurry. Usually, the feeding particle size is less than 2mm, and the classification particle size is 75um or finer.

05 Slurry Pump


The slurry pump is an important slurry conveying equipment in the quartz sand concentrator, and its function is to transport the slurry to the desliming bucket, the box filter press or other slurry transportation links. The slurry pump is lined with XH wear-resistant rubber, which not only enhances its own wear resistance, but also ensures that the desliming bucket and the box filter press are in good working condition and prolongs the service life of the slurry pump.


Slurry Pump Quartz ore.jpg

Slurry Pump



In the actual beneficiation process, the selection of quartz sand beneficiation process and equipment is often determined according to various factors such as the nature of quartz sand ore, beneficiation plant conditions, and investment budget. If you want to select quartz sand more economically and environmentally, you should first carry out a mineral processing test, comprehensively analyze the properties of the ore, and obtain a scientific mineral processing test report, so as to judge which type of quartz sand beneficiation process and quartz sand beneficiation equipment to use. Comprehensive consideration The beneficiation plan is determined after the actual situation, investment and other factors of the beneficiation plant, and the quartz sand beneficiation equipment is tailored to achieve the ideal return on investment.




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