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Gold Ball Mill Prices

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10tph ball mill in a gold processing plant

Gold ores are usually divided into two types: placer gold and vein gold, both of which have mining value. The ball mill is a very important equipment in the gold ore grinding operation of the processing plant. And it is the key equipment for the gold ore to be crushed and then ground. In this article, we will mainly discuss the working principle, classification and price of ball mill.

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01 Ball Mill Introduction


1.1 Ball Mill Purpose

The ball mill is the key equipment for the material to be crushed and then crushed. Ball mills are suitable for grinding various ores and other materials, which are widely used in mineral processing, building materials and chemical industries.

1.2 Ball Mill Working Principle

The material enters the first chamber of the mill spirally and uniformly from the feeding device through the feeding hollow shaft. There are stepped lining plates or corrugated lining plates in the chamber, and steel balls of different specifications are installed inside. The rotation of the cylinder generates centrifugal force to bring the steel balls to a certain height. After falling down, it has a heavy impact and grinding effect on the material. After the material reaches the rough grinding in the first warehouse, it enters the second warehouse through the single-layer partition board. The warehouse is inlaid with a flat lining plate and has steel balls to further grind the material. The powder is discharged through the discharge grate to complete the grinding operation.

02 Ball Mill Classification


2.1 According to the discharge method

Generally, ball mills are divided into two categories, one is the center discharge ball mill (overflow ball mill). The other type is the peripheral discharge ball mill (lattice ball mill). The structure of the two types of ball mills is basically the same, the difference is that there is no ore discharge grid in the barrel of the overflow type ball mill. Due to the different discharge characteristics, the two types of ball mills also have their own uses, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Generally, the overflow type ball mill has a finer grinding fineness and is more suitable for the regrinding of materials. The working performance and production capacity of the grid ball mill are better than that of the overflow type ball mill, but its structure is slightly more complicated, and the particle size of its grinding products is also larger than that of the overflow type ball mill, so it is more suitable for the rough grinding of materials.

2.2 According to the way ball mill works

According to the working mode of the ball mill, the ball mill can be divided into a continuous ball mill and a batch ball mill. The different working modes of the two determine their different working characteristics. The ball mills used in mineral processing plants and coal-water slurry plants end with continuous ball mills. When processing chemical products such as ceramic raw materials, glazes, etc., due to the characteristics of materials, intermittent ball mills are required for grinding. The batch ball mill can control the particle size of the material by adjusting the grinding time, but its grinding efficiency is not high and the operation is not very convenient.

2.3 According to the way to place ball mill barrel

According to the way the ball mill barrel is placed, the ball mill can also be divided into vertical ball mill and horizontal ball mill. Vertical ball mill is a new type of ball mill with the cylinder fixed. After a lot of experiments, it is found that the vertical ball mill has the advantages of high grinding efficiency, low energy consumption and low noise. This also makes the vertical ball mill favored by more and more users.

2.4 According to the different uses of the ball mill

According to the different uses of ball mills, they can also be classified into ball mills for mineral processing, cement ball mills, ceramic ball mills, etc. The characteristics of these equipments are all adapted to the requirements of the materials they need to handle.

03 Ball Mill Price


What is the price of a ball mill? There are many manufacturers of gold ball mills, and the equipment quotations given are also uneven, which mainly depends on the brand strength, material selection, and technical strength of each manufacturer.

3.1 Brand Power

Powerful large manufacturers have stronger production and sales capabilities, and provide more realistic and direct equipment quotations. On the contrary, the equipment quotations from weaker small manufacturers or dealers will be more expensive.

3.2 Material Selection

The choice of ball mill material directly affects the price of the ball mill itself. The better the material, the higher the cost and the more expensive the price. Then, the quality of the ball mill will be more reliable, more durable, and the service life will be longer.

3.3 Technical Strength

The ball mill produced by the manufacturer has higher technical content and more advanced performance, so the input cost will be higher, the price will be more expensive, and the value created is of course more considerable.



In this article, we mainly introduce the working principle and classification of ball mills, as well as the price of ball mills. In the actual selection of gold ore ball mills, we should pay more attention to the performance of the grinding equipment according to the properties of the ore with different characteristics and the actual situation of the concentrator, and pursue higher quality while ensuring the performance and price. Learn more about Ball MillWelcome to click chat button to get more information.




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