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Electromagnetic Separator VS Permanent Magnetic Separator: What Are the Differences?

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Electromagnetic magnetic separator and permanent magnetic separator are two common magnetic separation equipment. The actual production process makes it easier to confuse the difference between the two. Choosing the right magnetic separator is the key to ensuring the economic benefits of the concentrator.

This article mainly summarizes the differences between electromagnetic and permanent magnetic separators to help you better understand the characteristics and advantages of the two magnetic separators, so that you can make the right choice between the two.

01 Magnetic Source


1) What's the Magnetic Source of Permanent Magnetic Separator? 

The magnetic source is permanent magnet material. There are two main types of permanent magnet materials for permanent magnet separators: alloy magnets (also called cast magnets) and ferrite magnets (also called ceramic magnets).

2) What's the Magnetic Source of Electromagnetic Separator?

The magnetic source is a coil wound on the outside of the iron core, and direct current is applied to generate magnetism. When the power is cut off, the magnetism will disappear immediately.

02 Scope of Application


1) What's the Application of Permanent Magnetic Separator?

The permanent magnetic separator has a relatively simple structure, stable working performance, and low manufacturing cost. The design and structure of the magnetic system are relatively simple, and it is an open magnetic system. The magnetic system is usually composed of several magnetic poles, and each magnetic pole is composed of a permanent magnet block.

The magnetic system of the permanent magnetic separator produces a low-intensity magnetic field, so it is mostly suitable for the separation of strong magnetic minerals.

2) What's the Application of Electromagnetic Magnetic Separator?

The overall structure of the electromagnetic magnetic separator is complex, with many control components and a cooling system. Its magnetic system is a closed magnetic system, and its design is flexible and complex, which is the core content of the electromagnetic magnetic separator design.

The electromagnet of the electromagnetic separator needs to consume a lot of electric energy to generate a high-strength magnetic field, so it is mostly used to select weakly magnetic minerals. In the actual production process, the magnetic field strength of the electromagnetic magnetic separator can also be adjusted according to actual needs to adapt to the magnetism of the material, and its application range is relatively wide.

03 Energy Consumption


1) What's the Energy Consumption of Permanent Magnetic Separator?

The permanent magnetic separator does not need to consume electricity, and mainly relies on the magnetic difference between the magnetic field generated by the permanent magnetic material and the mineral particles to achieve magnetic separation. The permanent magnet magnetic separator has good energy-saving properties and can save investment costs in production. It is currently a commonly used magnetic separation equipment in black concentrators.

2) What's the Energy Consumption of Electromagnetic Magnetic Separator?

Electromagnetic magnetic separator needs to be energized first to generate magnetism, and consumes a lot of electric energy during operation.

04 Maintenance


1) How to Maintain Permanent Magnetic Separator? 

The working state of permanent magnetic separator is relatively stable, and its maintenance and operation are relatively simple. During production, the common faults mainly include the falling off of the magnetic block, the deterioration of the magnetism, the scratches of barrel surface and other problems. Generally, it is relatively easy to solve.

2) How to Maintain Electromagnetic Magnetic Separator? 

The structure of electromagnetic magnetic separator and its maintenance process is complicated. During operation, the equipment needs to be energized first, and the electrified coil will generate heat. If the coil is not properly cooled, the equipment will be burned out. When a fault occurs, it must be shut down for inspection. Under normal circumstances, it is often possible to place multiple electromagnetic separators in parallel. If one separator fails, other machines can still operate normally.

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05 Cost


1) What's the Price of Permanent Magnet Separator? 

At present, the permanent magnet material of permanent magnet separator mainly uses strontium ferrite, which is driven by a motor. Therefore, the cost of producing a permanent magnet separator mainly lies in the choice of motor and permanent magnet material.

2) What's the Price of Electromagnetic Magnetic Separator?

The coils and various power parts used in the electromagnetic magnetic separator have high quality requirements. The investment cost of this part is very large. The use of inferior coils and parts can easily cause equipment failure.

06To Wrap Up


Above, the differences between the electromagnetic magnetic separator and permanent magnetic separator are mainly analyzed from the five aspects: magnetic source, scope of application, energy consumption, maintenance and cost. When purchasing a magnetic separator, you need to choose a suitable magnetic separator according to your actual needs and combining the characteristics and advantages of different types of magnetic separators.

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