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9 Considerations When Buying a Crusher

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When it comes to buying the right crusher for your operation, there are a number of factors you need to considerate. From your budget to the size of your operation and beyond, it's important to do the research for a better operation and economic efficiency after installing the crusher.

HERE we will show you more about the facets of crushers through 9 Q&A to better help you choosing a crusher. Lets's dive in now!

01 What are crushers used for?


Minerals with fine particles are VERY necessary for mineral processing plants. Since ball mills are more expensive than crushers, crushers are often used to break stones or minerals from large lump into coarse pieces, usually into larger than 8 mm, to save grinding costs and operation costs. The biggest difference between crusher and ball mills is that output particles of ball mill is smaller than crushers, reaching 0.74mm and even finer.

02 How do crushers work?


The common method of crushing in present operation is to use mechanical force to achieve crushing purpose. There are 5 crushing methods, including squashing, chopping, snapping, grinding, shredding. Each methods has their suitable ore types. For hard stones, squashing is suitable way; for cohesive ore, squashing and grinding is perfect; for soft stones, chopping and shredding is the choice.

03 How many types of crushers are there?


According to crushing methods and working principles, Crushers can generally be divided into six types, including jaw crushers, cone crushers, roll crushers, impact crushers, grind crushers and gyratory crushers. Different crushers has different sizes and applications. Coarse crushing often adopt jaw crushers or gyratory crushers; secondary crushing adopt standard cone crushers; fine crushing adopt short head cone crushers.

04 What is the price of a crusher machine?


Compare with other mining machines, crusher is a cheap machine in a concentrator. The price of crusher depends on the capacity, quality, after-sales service, etc. and varies from $1,000 to $5,000. High prices generally means high quality.

05 What are the crushing processes?


In industry, there are normally 5 crushing processes, including coarse crushing, secondary crushing, fine crushing, coarse grinding and fine grinding. The material particles of different crushing stages is as the following:

  • In coarse crushing, the input particles are 1500~500mm and output is 400~125mm.

  • In secondary crushing, the input particles are 400~125mm and output is 100~25mm.

  • In fine crushing, the input particles are 100~25mm and output is 25~5mm.

  • In coarse grinding, the input particles are 25~5mm and output is 1~0.3mm.

  • In fine grinding, the input particles are 1~0.3mm mm and output is 0.1~0.074mm.

06Is Stone Crusher a profitable business?


Of course, it is! Crusher is a necessary equipment for breaking big particles into small ones. Using a crusher can help save grinding cost in a concentrator and can save transportation costs.

07How to choose a crusher for your plant?


Which model and size you should choose when buying a crusher depends on ore property, plant’s scales, topographic condition, etc. You need to take all the factors into consideration.

Normally, for hard stones, jaw crushers and rolling crushers are used. When the concentrator is large-scaled and build on hillside, rolling crushers on used; while small scaled plant build on the flat ground, jaw crushers are used.

08 What is secondary crusher?


A secondary crusher is a used crusher by other concentrators or quarries. However, some crusher manufacturers will sell their defective crushers and default product from other customers as secondary crusher.

09 Where can buy a secondary crusher?


You can inquire manufactures for secondary crushers. But, the crushers are relatively cheap,  I strongly recommend you buying new crushers if you have enough funds and want to ensure good quality and even after-sales service.

10To wrap up


For more than 20 years, Mining Pedia has manufactured crushers and have sell crushers to more than 90 countries. We are good at crushers and even the whole set of mineral processing solutions. We are not only selling products, but also selling service.

Browse our mining equipment to find the unit that will best suit your need. If you have any questions, welcome to leave a message to us or contact the online service.




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