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How to Extract Manganese Ore?

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Generally speaking, manganese ore is divided into manganese carbonate ore and manganese oxide ore. Most manganese ores are embedded with fine or micro-fine grains, and the content of high iron ore, high phosphate ores and associated beneficial metals is high, so manganese ore beneficiation is still quite difficult.

01 Manganese Oxide Ore Beneficiation


(1) Ore Properties

Manganese oxide minerals are mainly composed of hard manganese ore, pyrolusite and hydromanganese ore, and gangue are mainly silicate minerals and carbonate minerals; often accompanied by iron, phosphorus, nickel, cobalt and other components. It is formed by secondary enrichment of primary sedimentary manganese ore layers or manganese-bearing rocks after weathering. Compared with the primary sedimentary manganese ore, it has the characteristics of high grade, less impurities and easy mining and selection.

(2) Beneficiation Methods

The beneficiation method of manganese oxide ore is mainly gravity separation

#1 Weathered Manganese Oxide Ore

The weathered manganese oxide ore often contains a large amount of slime and fine ore, and the ore washing-gravity separation method is used in production. The raw ore is washed to remove the slime, and some of the obtained net ore can be used as finished ore, and some need to be re-separated by jigging and shaking table. Ore washing overflow sometimes needs to be further recovered by gravity separation or strong magnetic separation. For some sedimentary primary manganese oxide ore, due to the depletion of mining, heavy medium and jigging gravity separation are used in production to remove gangue and obtain massive concentrate.

#2 Iron-Bearing Manganese Oxide Ore

In the iron-bearing manganese oxide ores, the iron minerals are mainly limonite. Iron and manganese are difficult to separate by gravity separation, flotation or strong magnetic separation, and reduction roasting magnetic separation method is required. Ore washing-reduction roasting magnetic separation-gravity separation process has been adopted in industry.

02 Manganese Carbonate Ore Beneficiation


(1) Ore Properties

Manganese carbonate is the raw material for the production of electrolytic manganese metal. Manganese carbonate ore is a mixed primary manganese ore with high manganese, high sulfur, high silver, high lead and zinc, and has high comprehensive recycling value. Manganese carbonate is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula MnCO that exists in nature in the form of rhodochrosite.

(2) Beneficiation Methods

The beneficiation of manganese carbonate ore is mainly based on flotation and strong magnetic separation, and a combination of various methods can also be used for separation. 

#1 Sedimentary Manganese Carbonate Ore

For some sedimentary manganese carbonate ore containing sulfur, the industry adopts the sequential preferential flotation process of carbonaceous shale, pyrite and manganese minerals. 

In the sedimentary manganese carbonate ores, the ore is generally more complex, and the manganese minerals are embedded with a particle size as small as micron, which is not easy to dissociate, and it is often difficult to obtain a higher concentrate grade.

#2 Hydrothermal Lead-Zinc-Manganese Carbonate Ore

For some hydrothermal lead-zinc-manganese carbonate ore, the flotation-strong magnetic separation process is adopted. The magnetic separator can not only effectively remove the manganese ore slime, but also improve the separated grade of flotation, and directly obtain manganese concentrate products after desulfurization.

#3 Sulfur-Containing and Manganese-Rich Carbonate Ore

Some sulfur-containing and manganese-rich ores, manganese minerals are mainly pyrite, which can be desulphurized by roasting. Some manganese carbonate-rich ores also use roasting methods to remove volatile components and obtain finished ores.

03To Sum Up


Both manganese oxide and manganese carbonate ore contain some refractory ores. Manganese and iron, phosphorus or gangue are closely associated, and the embedded particle size is extremely fine.

These are the introduction of mangannese ore beneficiation. We can provide mineral mining and processing solutions, from A to Z. If you have any question, welcome to leave a message to us or contact our online service.




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