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How to choose surface drilling rigs?

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Drilling rigs are mechanical equipment that drives the drill bit to drill underground to obtain physical geological data during exploration or development of mineral resource. Common surface drilling rigs include rotary drilling rig, open-pit down-the-hole drilling rigs, and jumbo. I will introduce to you the performance and scope of use of these three drilling rigs.

01Ⅰ.Rotary Drilling Rig


The rotary drilling rig for open pit mines is a self-propelled rig that adopts electric power or internal combustion drive, crawler walking, top rotation, continuous pressurization, compressed air slag discharge, dry or wet dust removal system, and roller bit as a rock drilling tool.

1.The Development Trend of Rotary Drilling Rig

The general development trend of rotary drilling rigs is to increase the size and efficiency; the system is fully automated and intelligent; the structure is diversified, simplified, highly reliable and adaptable; the operation is to improve comfort and easy maintenance. When developing large-scale rotary drilling rigs, attention should also be paid to the development of small and medium-size.

2.Selection Principles

(1)Size. Rotary drilling rigs are suitable for drilling operations of various hardness minerals. The first consideration in selecting large and medium-sized mining equipment is to use rotary drilling rigs.

(2)Hardness of material. For mines with medium hardness and above, the use of rotary drilling rig is better than other drilling equipment.

(3)Parameter. When meeting the annual drilling volume of the mine, the selection of the roller rig must also ensure the drilling diameter, hole depth, inclination and other parameters required by the design and production.

(4)Geographical conditions. Selecting equipment and supporting parts according to the natural geographical conditions of the mining area.

(5)Power conditions. The power source often determines the type of drilling rig to be used. Large and medium-sized mines generally use electric rigs.

3.Matching Problems of Open-pit Mining Equipment

In order to speed up the construction of open-pit mines, expand the scale of mine and improve economic effects, it is necessary to rely on and apply various large-scale equipment with increased specifications and improved performance.

The rotary drilling rig currently used in large and super large metal open-pit mines mainly with a hole diameter of 310-380mm or even 440mm.

This is a picture of rotary drilling rig_.jpg

(This is a rotary drilling rig.)

02Ⅱ.Open-pit Down-the-hole Drilling Rig


The down-the-hole drilling rig is a device in which the impactor dives into the hole and directly impacts the drill bit, while the rotary machine is outside the hole to drive the drill rod to rotate and drill into the rock.

1.Selection Principles

The down-the-hole drilling rig has the advantages of simple structure, light weight, low price, flexible maneuverability, convenient use and walking, easy manufacturing and maintenance, and adjustable drilling angle.

In addition to drilling the main blast hole in open-pit mine, the down-the-hole drilling rig is also used to drill pre-split holes, anchor cable holes, slope treatment holes and groundwater drain holes in mines, as well as ventilation holes, filling holes, and pipe cables. Kong etc.


Compared with the rod jumbo, the down-the-hole drilling rig has the following advantages:

(1)Stable drilling speed. The impact force directly acts on the drill bit, and the rock drilling speed is less affected by the hole depth;

(2)Efficient operation. The slag is discharged from the bottom of the hole through high-pressure gas, and there is rarely repeated fragmentation;

(3)Evenly borehole. The wall surface of the borehole is smooth, the hole diameter is equal up and down, and there is generally no phenomenon of bent holes;

(4)Low noise. The working face of the drilling rig has low noise.


(This is a down-the-hole drilling rig.)

03Ⅲ.Open-pit Jumbo


The open-pit jumbo refers to the impact drilling equipment used in the open-pit mine.


Compared with rotary drilling rigs and down-the-hole drilling rig, open-pit jumbo have the following characteristics:

(1)Light but powerful. The whole machine is light in weight, low in installed power and strong in maneuverability;

(2)Various drilling direction. It can drill holes in a variety of directions, and adjust the position of the jumbo quickly and accurately;

(3)Strong climbing ability. The maximum climbing ability of jumbo can reach 25°-30°;

(4)Multi-purpose. It can be used not only in the mining industry, but also in many other industries.

(5)Low energy consumption. The energy consumption of hydraulic jumbo is only 1/4 of that of down-the-hole drilling rig, while the drilling speed is 2.3-3 times of that of down-the-hole drilling rig.

2.Selection Principles

(1)Size of equipment. In quarries, civil engineering, road engineering and small mine drilling, jumbo can be used as the main drilling equipment. It is used as auxiliary drilling equipment in the secondary crushing, slope treatment, and root removal. In small and medium-sized open-pit mines, hydraulic jumbo can replace pneumatic down-the-hole drilling rigs.

(2)Drilling direction. The smallest rig can reach 45° in the horizontal direction and 0-105° in the vertical direction, which cannot be reached by other drilling rigs. Therefore, the drill rig can be used for pre-splitting blast hole in various directions, repairing slopes and anchoring cable holes and filling holes, etc.

(3)Performance.The jumbo has strong climbing ability, maneuverability and flexibility, and can perform drilling operations on complex terrain.

(4)Diameter of drill bits. The open-pit jumbo is mainly used for drilling hard or medium-hard ore. The diameter of the hole is 40-100mm, and the maximum hole diameter is 150mm.

This is a picture of jumbo_.jpg

(This is an open-pit jumbo.)

It is worth mentioning that the use of high-pressure surface drilling rigs can increase the drilling speed by several times. The drilling speed is generally proportional to the impact energy. Moreover, operating under high-pressure reduces the consumption of drilling tools per 1m hole drilled, and it is suitable to use a valveless impactor with a simple structure and high efficiency to save air pressure and reduce energy consumption.

Although rotary drilling rig have dominated in the drilling of open-pit mines, the drilling efficiency and drilling technology of surface drills are not as good as those of rotary drilling rig. In large and even small and medium-sized surface mines, surface drilling rigs have been replaced by rotary drilling rigs. But in medium and small open-pit mines, surface drilling rigs are still widely used in medium-hard rock.

04To Sum Up


Drilling rigs with the high mobility, a smaller size and the ability to serve multiple sites can be choose based on these items. The surface drilling rig is equipped with a powerful down-the-hole impactor, which is specially designed for high-output rock drilling in quarries, open-pit mines and rock excavation projects. Come and choose the surface drilling rigs that suits your mine!




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