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You Need to Know about Main Gold Cyanidation Processing Machines

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Gold cyanidation processing plant with 500tpd.jpg

( Gold cyanidation processing plant with 500tpd )

#1. Definition

The desorption electrolysis system is a set of gold beneficiation equipment that obtains gold mud from gold-loaded carbon by desorption and electrowinning under high temperature and high pressure conditions. This method is used to extract solid gold from gold-loaded carbon in cyanide smelting.

#2. Working Principle

The desorption electrolysis system consists of a desorption column and an electrowinning cell. In the desorption system, anions that are easily adsorbed by activated carbon are added to replace Au(CN)2- to realize the desorption of gold. The precious liquid obtained by desorption of gold-loaded carbon is recovered by ionization method to obtain solid gold. Xinhai's high-efficiency, low-consumption and fast desorption electrolysis device is mainly composed of two parts: desorption and electrolysis. The processes of desorption and electrolysis are separated, so that the solvent is carried out in a comprehensive desorption tower, and the electrolysis of precious liquid is completed in a separate electrolytic cell. The four processes of desorption, precious liquid heating, solvent condensation and solvent recovery are centralized in the comprehensive desorption tower, and the precious liquid obtained after desorbing the gold-loaded carbon with the solvent vapor is introduced into an independently set electrolyzer through a pipeline for electrolysis to obtain crude gold. , and then purified to obtain finished gold.

#3. Advantages

*Under the conditions of high temperature (150℃) and high pressure (0.5MPa), the desorption rate reaches more than 98%;

*The temperature of desorption and electrolysis is the same, no heat exchange is required, and the power consumption is 1/4 to 1/2 of the conventional system due to the fast operation;

*The non-toxic desorption combination agent contains carbon activator, which can regenerate the carbon, and the poor carbon does not need to be regenerated by fire, which saves the cost of carbon regeneration;

*Cyanide-free: no need to add sodium cyanide to the desorption solution, low cost and less pollution;

*The gold mud has high grade, no reverse electrolysis is required, and the extraction is easy;

*Safety: It has triple safety protection measures, namely the system's own intelligence, automatic pressure-limiting and pressure-releasing mechanism, and safety valve.

Desorption electrolysis system - Gold cyanidation processing machines.jpg

( Desorption electrolysis system - Gold cyanidation processing machines )

02 Leaching Agitator Tank


#1. Definition

As a cyanidation leaching and stirring equipment, its double impeller is suitable for gold leaching, adsorption and leaching of gold with small specific gravity, low viscosity, slow settling speed, ore particle size of -200 mesh, accounting for more than 90%, and pulp concentration of less than 45%. other mixed operations. Double-layer impeller, uniform stirring, low energy consumption; impeller covered with rubber, long service life; multi-point air supply, uniform inflation.

#2. Working Principle

The pulp in the leaching and stirring tank flows from top to bottom in the center under the dragging and stirring action of the double impeller, diffuses through the peripheral damping plate, and feeds air at the lower end of the shaft, mixes with the pulp and circulates upward to form Homogeneous suspension mixture.

#3. Advantages

*The ore flow moves smoothly, the slurry is evenly mixed, and the power consumption is low;

*The air enters the groove through the hollow shaft of the transmission, and is stirred by the blades to disperse the air evenly;

*Compact structure, easy maintenance;

*The hollow shaft is ventilated to the bottom end, and the air enters the groove through it, disperses evenly, and has small bubbles;

*Using two new impellers, the impeller diameter of the stirring tank is large, the rotation speed is low, and the stirring power consumption is small, which can reduce the wear of carbon;

*The stirring intensity is moderate, and the slurry concentration and fineness distribution in the tank are consistent, which can improve the leaching rate of cyanide and the adsorption rate of carbon;

*The impeller of the leaching and stirring tank is lined with wear-resistant rubber, which has low rotational speed and long service life.

Leaching  agitation tank - Gold cyanidation processing machines.jpg

( Leaching  agitation tank - Gold cyanidation processing machines )

03 Two-layer/Three-layer Washing Thickener


#1. Definition

Two-layer/three-layer washing thickener is used for gold mine equipment for solid-liquid separation of gold leaching liquid, special equipment for solid-liquid separation and washing operation of cyanide leaching pulp, and can be used in uranium mine hydrometallurgy, light industry, chemical industry dehydration work.

#2. Working Principle

Here we take the three-layer washing thickener as an example to make a brief introduction to its working principle. The ore slurry is fed from the feeding barrel, and the ore slurry that freely settles in the rake area is further concentrated by the pressure of the scraper, and is gradually scraped to the center of the pool by the rake, and enters the next layer of pool through the mud sealing tank, and the clean water enters the lowermost layer through the distribution box. The material is washed, the overflow of the bottom layer returns to the distribution box and enters the upper layer to wash the material, the overflow of the first layer is discharged through the overflow weir, and the material that has been washed twice is discharged through the bottom.

#3. Advantages

*The washing thickener adopts the method of continuous ore discharge, which can reduce the multiple cycles of liquid gold, recover early, and at the same time prolong the time of the pulp in the thickener and improve the leaching rate;

*The washing and concentrating machine realizes countercurrent washing, continuous operation, large volume and high washing efficiency;

*Small footprint, energy saving, and simplified process configuration;

*Reasonable structure, low operation and maintenance cost.

Washing thickener - Gold cyanidation processing machines.jpg

( Washing thickener - Gold cyanidation processing machines )

04 Zinc Powder Replacement Device


#1. Definition

Zinc powder replacement device is a system that uses zinc powder to extract gold from precious liquid, mainly for gold ore containing more silver. After purification and deoxidation of precious liquid, zinc powder replacement device is added to obtain gold mud. Gold mining equipment.

#2. Working Principle

The zinc powder replacement process is divided into three steps: purification of noble liquid, deoxidation and replacement filtration. 1. Principle of precious liquid purification: Gold-containing precious liquid often contains some suspended solids, which must be removed before replacement, so as not to affect the replacement effect and the quality of gold mud. Purification of precious liquid is the process of removing suspended solids. 2. Principle of deoxygenation: The dissolved oxygen in the precious liquid has a hindering effect on the replacement of gold by zinc, and the oxygen in the precious liquid must be removed to ensure the smooth progress of gold replacement by zinc. 3. Replacement filtration principle: including two operations of zinc powder addition and replacement, when zinc powder is fed into the precious liquid, the replacement reaction starts, and the replacement equipment completes the final replacement and gold mud filtration.

#3. Advantages

*The screw feeding is uniform and continuous, which solves the difficulty of adjusting the amount of zinc powder added by traditional machinery and the problem of uneven addition, and reduces the content of residual zinc, which not only reduces the production cost, but also improves the smelting effect;

*The area of the equipment, and reduce the investment in the plant and infrastructure.

Zinc powder displacement device - Gold cyanidation processing machines.jpg

( Zinc powder displacement device - Gold cyanidation processing machines )

05 Carbon Screen


#1. Definition

The carbon separator is a gold mine equipment that separates activated carbon from pulp.

#2. Working Principle

The carbon screen is used in the cyanide carbon pulp plant to separate the activated carbon from the pulp with a screen, so that the pulp flows to the next leaching tank, and the activated carbon is left in the leaching tank.

#3. Advantages

The carbon separator has no moving parts; the screen holes are not easy to be blocked; the structure is simple and the operation and maintenance are convenient; the cost is low; the service life is long;

It is used in cyanidation carbon pulp mills to separate activated carbon from pulp with a screen, so that the pulp flows to the next leaching tank, and the activated carbon is left in the leaching tank.

Carbon screen - Gold cyanidation processing machines.jpg

( Carbon screen - Gold cyanidation processing machines )

06 Air Lift


#1. Definition

The air lifter is a gold ore beneficiation equipment that uses compressed air as a transmission medium to transport the pulp.

#2. Working Principle

Air lifts are used to lift high density materials such as working media and concentrated ore concentrates in heavy media enrichment plants.

The principle of the air lifter: high-pressure air is charged into the air lifter through the central charging tube, the density of the pulp tube becomes smaller after entering the air, and the pressure difference between the tube and the pulp in the tank is generated. Under the action of pressure, the pulp in the tank passes through the air The lifter lifts to a height. Generally, in ore dressing and cyanidation production, most of them have surplus air source, and air lift is used to transport ore pulp, which can reduce the power consumption of production, and the air lifter has fewer wearing parts and is convenient to process. Compared with sand pump transportation, it can save money. Lots of equipment and maintenance costs.

#3. Advantages

The design mechanism is scientific and reasonable, which greatly reduces the damage to carbon;

The air lifter has high efficiency, and the time for each carbon string is about 0.5 to 1 hour;

Small size, easy to install on the leaching stirring tank or adsorption tank, easy to operate and maintain;

From the design point of view, the air lift can also save the configuration height difference and area of the equipment, and reduce the investment in the plant and infrastructure.

Air lifter - Gold cyanidation processing machines.jpg

( Air lifter - Gold cyanidation processing machines )



The above 6 kinds of equipment are the main gold mine cyanidation equipment, and we briefly introduced them from the working principle and advantages. If you want to know more detailed information, such as how to choose a suitable machine model or the price of the machine, you can directly click the Chat button to ask for more information.




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