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7 Q&A about Shaking Table

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We have talked about the 9 Q&A about the crusher before. In addition to crushers, shaking table is also one of the commonly used equipment in beneficiation plants. HERE we will show you more about the facets of shaking tables through 7 Q&A to better help you choose a shaking table. Let's dive in now!

01 What is a shaking table used for?


Shaking table is the common gravity separation equipment for separation of fine particle ore, idely used in the basification of tin, tungsten, gold and silver, lead, zinc, tantalum, niobium, iron, manganese, ferrotitanium and coal. The effective separation particle size range of metal ore is 3~0.019mm. Single shaking table has a small processing capacity and a large area, and is often used for ore concentration.

02 How does a shaking table work?


The separation effect of shaking table is realized under the joint action of bed surface vibration and water scouring. When the shaking table works, the light particles move laterally faster under the action of the force, and most of them tilt down along the bed surface and flow to the distal end, which is the lower grade tailings side. Heavy particles are not easy to be brushed by water, more is the longitudinal movement in the vibration of the bed surface, flowing along the split groove to the proximal end, which is the concentrate side.


03 What are the advantages and disadvantages of shaking table?


Shaking table mainly has the following characteristics:


  • High separation accuracy. High grade concentrate or waste tailings can be obtained by one separation, and multiple products can be obtained at the same time.

  • No chemicals, low energy consumption.

  • Easy to operate and adjust.


  • Large area, low processing capacity per unit plant area.

  • The finer the particle size, the smaller the processing capacity.

04 What are the types of shaking table?


There are many ways to classify shaking table. In terms of use, it can be divided into: sand shaking table (processing 2-0.075mm ore), mud shaking table (processing -0.075mm ore). According to the separated minerals, it can be divided into mineral processing shaking table, coal processing shaking table. From the structural point of view,  it is divided into 6-S shaking table, yunxi type shaking table and spring shaking table, etc. due to the different bedside structures, bed surface form and support methods.

05 How to use a shaking table?


The unit processing capacity of the shaking table is low, so we should pay more attention when operating it. Factors such as feed particle size, feed quantity, feed concentration, flushing water, stroke and stroke rate will affect our beneficiation effect, especially the horizontal and vertical slope settings of the shaking table.

When the equipment is installed, the longitudinal slope should be set in different regions. The coarse sand area should have an inclination of one to two degrees, and the inclination of the fine sand area should be maintained at 0.5-1°. Starting from the feeding end in the horizontal direction, it is better to tilt 1.5-5° to the opposite side. The coarser the mineral particles, the greater the inclination angle should be.


06 What is the price of shaking table?


The price of the shaking table is affected by many factors, mainly depending on the equipment types, processing capacity, quality, after-sales service and other factors, varies from $1,000 to $5,000.

07 Where to buy a gold shaking table?


Gravity separation is one of the most effective and economical methods for recovering alluvial gold, so gold shakers are widely used. Before buying gold shaking table, it is recommended to find a number of shaking table manufacturers for comparison and consultation. A variety of factors must be considered comprehensively, not just the price. You can also consult our website customer service, we will provide you with a complete quotation.

08To Wrap Up


The above are related questions and answers about mining shaking table. If you want to know more information, or have any questions, welcome to leave a message to us or contact the online service.




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