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8 Q&A You need to Know about Beneficiation Test

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Beneficiation test is to separate and enrich the useful minerals in the ore by physical or chemical methods according to the nature of the ore, and determine whether it is valuable according to the test results, and determine the reasonable beneficiation methods, separation conditions, and separation process and the separation indicators that can be achieved.

01 What is the purpose of  beneficiation test?


Beneficiation test of specific minerals can be collectively referred to as ore separability research.

Determine the beneficiation method of the main components and the possible separation indicators, and evaluate whether it is technically feasible and economically reasonable based on this.

Test different types and grades of ores, point out the differences in the separability of various types of ores, prepare for the next test, and can also be used as the basis for the design of the beneficiation plant and the basis for the improvement of industrial production.

02 What information needs to be provided to the laboratory?


For raw ore 

(1) Grade of raw ore

You need to ensure that how many elements in raw ore that can be recovered. It will be better if you have multi-element analysis of raw ore.

(2) Nature of raw ore

Such as it is oxidized ore, sulfide ore, mixed ore, rock ore or alluvial ore and so on.

(3) Other related material

Such as product plan, geological material, and information of the ore and so on.

For tailings

  • The above three kinds of raw ore are required.

  • Previous beneficiation process and recovered mineral elements.

  • Tailings settlement test needs to provide information of slurry concentration.

The more detailed the above information, the better. If some items cannot be provided, they can only be carried out according to the routine; clear remarks are for reference only.

03 Why are you should do a beneficiation test?


(1) Provide more powerful guidance and help for later geological prospecting.

(2) Provide a basis for the design and transformation of the beneficiation.

(3) Insufficient work in the detailed exploration stage, small-scale tests or detailed tests on difficult-to-separate ores should be carried out.

(4) As the mining of mineral deposits, there are always have new problems need to be solved:

  • The actual production fails to meet the design targets;

  • Changes in the nature of the ore or product quality requirements;       

  • The associated elements can be recovered with the development of technology;

  • Discovered a new ore bodies;

  • Invention of new technologies or new agents for beneficiation.

04 What about the requirements of beneficiation test?


(1) Solve problems in production.

(2) Research on comprehensive utilization of resources.

(3) Experimental research on new ore bodies.

(4) Application or research on the feasibility study of the application of new processes, new agents, and new equipment.

05 What are the problems that need to be solved in the beneficiation test?


(1) Recommend the final beneficiation method and process flow for the beneficiation plant

(2) Determine various technical and economic indicators.

(3) Provide other data required for the design of the beneficiation plant: ore grindability, tailings sedimentation and filterability, etc.

06 What is the laboratory workflow?


(1) Prepare samples.

(2) Draw up a test plan according to the nature of the ore.

(3) Carry out beneficiation test according to the proposed plan.

(4) Inspect mineral processing product.

(5) Prepare and submit beneficiation reports.

07 Why is the beneficiation test important?


(1) Beneficiation test is an important basis for the technical and economic evaluation of the deposit.

(2) Beneficiation test is an important basis for the formulation of industrial indicators for the deposit.

(3) Beneficiation test in the exploration stage is the forerunner and foundation for future tests and building of beneficiation plant.

(4) Beneficiation test is an important method for comprehensive utilization of minerals.

(5) Beneficiation test is an effective method to reduce industrial waste and reduce environmental pollution

(6) Beneficiation test is an important part of strengthening the supervision of mineral resources.

08 What mineral processing products should be inspected?


It mainly inspects grinding products, concentrate products, medium mineral products, tailings products, and graded products. The content of different products is different.

(1) Inspection of grinding products     

Grindability measurement: When the volumetric method is used to calculate the grinding equipment, the ore grindability of each stage of grinding should be measured.

(2) Inspection of concentrate products

  • Identify existing form of impurities in concentrate and the reasons for its low quality;

  • For polymetallic coarse concentrates, inspect the relationship between minerals to provide a basis for the next step of separation.

  • Find out the distribution of various rare and precious metals in concentrates to provide a basis for smelting and chemical treatment.

(3) Inspection of tailings products  

To understand the reasons for the loss of useful components in tailings and their existing form and particle size distribution so as to determine whether the loss is reasonable or the possibility of further reprocessing.

(4) Dehydration test of beneficiation products      

Settlement speed test for concentrate and tailings and draw the settlement speed curve.

09To Wrap Up


The beneficiation test results not only have a direct impact on the rational determination of the process flow, equipment selection, product plan, technical and economic indicators of the beneficiation design, but also the basis for whether the beneficiation plant can successfully meet the design indicators and obtain economic benefits after the beneficiation plant is put into operation.

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