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Dewatering Screen VS Filter Press: What Are the Differences?

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Due to the increased control of the mineral processing industry in various countries in recent years, various concentrates and tailings need to be dewatered before they can be dumped or further processed. The dewatering equipment commonly used in mineral processing plants mainly includes dewatering screen and filter press. Although their uses are the same, they differ in working principle, price, dewatering effect, maintenance, and application. This article will introduce the difference between dewatering screen and filter press from these 5 aspects.

01 Working Principle


Dewatering screen is mainly composed of vibration motor, spring support and sieve plate. Dewatering screen uses a new energy-saving vibration motor or vibrator as the source of vibration, and the rubber spring as the support and isolation. The screen plate is made to move vertically up and down by using the exciting force to achieve the screening and dewatering effect. The dewatering screen dynamic load is small, and it has the advantages of large processing capacity, high screening efficiency, convenient replacement of the screen plate and simple installation.

The filter press is mainly composed of three parts: frame, impacting system and filtering system. First, the mixed solution is sent to each closed filter chamber of the filter press through the pump tube. Under the action of pressure, the filtrate passes through the filter membrane or other filter material and is discharged through the outlet, and the filtrate residue is left in the frame to form filter cake, so as to achieve solid-liquid separation.

02 Price 


The structure of the filter press is more complex, so the price of the filter press is relatively high. As a kind of linear vibrating screen, the dewatering screen has simple structure, large processing capacity and low price.

03 Dewatering Effect


From the working principle, the dewatering screen mainly uses the exciting force provided by the high frequency vibration motor to drive the material to do fast and high frequency vibration displacement in the screen box. And in this process, the liquid is "thrown out" to realize the separation of water and solid. While the filter press forms a negative pressure at the filtrate outlet by squeezing as the driving force of filtration under the vacuum sealing condition.

Different working principles achieve different dewatering effects. The dewatering capacity of the filter press is stronger and the dewatering effect is better. The material processed by the filter press is similar to "dry cake". The dewatering effect of the dewatering screen is weaker than that of the filter press, but the processing capacity of the dewatering screen is much greater than that of the filter press.

04 Maintenance


The price of filter press is high, and the maintenance cost is also expensive. Moreover, the filter plate of the filter press is worn badly in the production and needs to be replaced frequently, which has a great impact on the production. The structure of the dewatering screen is simple, only relying on two vibrating motors to drive the working area for dewatering. In the production process, as long as you add oil to the bearing part of the dewatering screen in time, it can be used continuously for a long time.

05 Application


Combining the performance of the dewatering screen and the filter press in terms of working principle and dewatering effect, you can find that the dewatering screen is suitable for industries with large dewatering output and low dewatering effect requirements. And it can be widely used in the dewatering operation of large particle size materials, small particle size materials and powdery materials. It is often used in sand washing in sand and gravel plants, coal slime recovery in coal processing plants and tailings dry stacking in mineral processing plants. The dewatering screen has a long service life and the screen holes are not easy to be blocked.

The filter press is suitable for industries that require high dewatering effects, and is often used in the tailings dewatering operation in mineral processing plants. Filter press cannot be used for the dehydration of large particle materials. It is mostly used for the dehydration of fine powder materials, otherwise it will easily cause damage to the mechanical structure.

06To Wrap Up


The above are the 5 major differences between dewatering screen and filter press. The filter press is mainly suitable for processing powdery materials with good dewatering effect. The dewatering screen can be used to process various particles and materials with large processing capacity. When purchasing dewatering equipment, you should select the appropriate type according to the specific dewatering requirements.

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