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Pakistan 1500TPD Copper Flotation Plant

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01Ore properties

The raw ore was characterized by simple composition. It consisted of metallic minerals (copper pyrite and pyrite) and non-metallic minerals (quartz and chlorite). The multi-element analysis results showed that Cu was the valuable element. The Cu grade of the raw ore was 0.80%.

02Our solution

Two- and half-stage closed-circuit crushing-one-stage closed-circuit grinding-flotation process of one-stage roughing, two-stage scavenging and two-stage concentration-two-stage mechanical dewatering
Crushing and screening: Jaw crusher was adopted for coarse and half-stage crushing, cone crusher for fine crushing and heavy-duty circular vibrating screen for screening. The product size was -12mm.
Grinding and classification: Wet grid ball mill was adopted for grinding, linear vibrating screen for pre-classification and XCⅡ hydrocyclone cluster for classification. The grinding fineness was -200 mesh (68.0%).
Flotation: Lime was used as the regulator, Z200 was used as the collector. XCF/KYF flotation cells were adopted to roughing and twice scavenging, BF flotation cell was adopted to twice concentration.
Concentrate dewatering: Efficient improved thickener was used in the one-stage dewatering stage, press filter was used in the two-stage dewatering stage. Finally, the water content of filter cake contained about 20%.

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03Project results

Finally, the grade of copper concentrate was 20.780%, and the recovery rate of copper was up to 90.05%.


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