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How to Choose the Right Lithium Beneficiation Machine for Your Plant

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Choosing the right lithium beneficiation equipment is essential for successful lithium extraction. It is important to select the right equipment that can provide maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Different types of beneficiation equipment are available in the market, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will discuss some of the key factors to consider when selecting the right lithium beneficiation equipment for your project.

01Production Capacity


The production scale of lithium beneficiation equipment should be customized according to the production needs of users and the actual situation of mines. The lithium ore beneficiation production line has strong environmental adaptability to ensure stable operation. Generally speaking, the larger the scale of the lithium ore beneficiation production line, the higher the output, and the higher the quotation for the corresponding equipment.

02Equipment Configuration


The lithium ore beneficiation process needs to be equipped with equipment such as crushers, ball mills, classifiers, magnetic separators, flotation machines, and rotary kilns. The equipment is configured according to the characteristics of the lithium ore.

1. Jaw Crusher - crushing operation: The newly mined lithium ore has a large particle size and needs to be crushed into small particles by using a crusher.

2. Ball mill—grinding operation: The crushed lithium ore material is transported to the ball mill by the conveying device for grinding treatment.

3. Spiral classifier—washing and classifying operations: Use a spiral classifier for the classifying process to separate the aerosol impurities in the pulp.

4. Magnetic Separator—magnetic separation operation: Use a magnetic separator to separate magnetic ore particles and non-magnetic ore particles in lithium ore.

5. Flotation machine - flotation operation: Add chemicals, stir continuously, generate foam, and use the scraper to scrape out the concentrate.

In addition, dryers and thickeners are used as water removal equipment, and screening machines, feeders, conveyors, and hoists are used as auxiliary production equipment. 

03Equipment Model


The choice of lithium beneficiation equipment model depends on the raw ore characteristics and production scale of lithium ore. When selecting lithium processing equipment, it is necessary to ensure that the characteristics of the ore match the working parameters of the lithium processing equipment. It is recommended to conduct mineral processing tests in a targeted manner according to the ore components of lithium ore, the types and characteristics of the associated minerals, fully consider the characteristics of each ore, and select the appropriate equipment.

04Processing Flow


The lithium beneficiation process is divided into four steps: crushing, grinding, flotation, and drying. First, large pieces of lithium ore are firstly crushed and processed by jaw crushers. After that, the qualified materials will be evenly sent to the ball mill for grinding treatment, and the impact between the steel ball and the ore is used to achieve the grinding effect, so as to realize the full dissociation of useful minerals. Next, the ground material is evenly stirred in the mixing tank, and then sent to the flotation machine in an orderly and quantitative manner. Lithium concentrate can be obtained after adding appropriate medicament and waiting for its full reaction. Finally, the finished lithium powder can be obtained by drying and dehydrating in a dryer.

05Equipment Quality


High-quality lithium beneficiation equipment has good working performance, and the produced mechanical sand has more uniform size, better quality, more stable mechanical properties and lower failure rate. 

06Selection Principle


1. High efficiency, low consumption, mature and reliable equipment should be selected.

2. Simplify the beneficiation process, select energy-saving and high-efficiency equipment, and facilitate operation.

3. Similar products should adopt the same model and specification as far as possible under the condition of meeting the process requirements, and reduce the types of spare parts to facilitate equipment maintenance.

4. The model and number of selected equipment match the entire mineral production line system, and a safety factor is reserved. Fully take into account the changes in site environmental conditions, etc., to facilitate production operations. The selection of equipment is based on the principles of advanced, reliable, and economical and reasonable.

5. All purchased accessories are selected from well-known domestic manufacturers to ensure the stability and safety of equipment operation.

6. In the process of equipment selection, implement the country's current technical and economic policies and consider long-term planning. Especially in the complete set of equipment of the lithium concentrate beneficiation production line, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment is selected, so that the effective unity of economic benefits and environmental benefits can be achieved.

07After-sales Service


In the post-production operation of the lithium ore beneficiation production line, lithium ore equipment may have different failures, so the after-sales guarantee of lithium ore equipment manufacturers is very important. When building a lithium ore beneficiation production line, you should choose a lithium ore equipment manufacturer that can provide perfect after-sales protection.

08To Wrap Up


The above introduces the factors that need to be considered when selecting lithium processing equipment. You can also click to know the lithium extraction methods.

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