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6 Q&A about Flotation Cell

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Flotation process has become one of the most important mineral processing methods in the world. Flotation cell is the main equipment of flotation operation. Here we will show you more about flotation cell through 6 Q&A.

01 What is a Flotation Cell?


Flotation cell is the equipment that can realize froth flotation and separate the target minerals from the ore. Nearly 2 billion tons of ore around the world are separated through the froth flotation process.

Flotation cell is suitable for separating non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, precious metals, non-metallic minerals and chemical raw materials. It is mainly used to process non-ferrous metals such as copper, zinc, lead, iron, gold, etc., and can also be used for the roughing and concentration of ferrous metals and non-metals.

02 How does a Flotation Cell Work?


In the whole flotation process, the flotation reagent and slurry to be separated are mixed and then entered into the flotation cell. After mixing and aeration of flotation machine, contact, collision and adhesion between bubbles and ore particles are completed and the final mineralization is realized. The target mineral floats up with bubbles and reaches the surface of the slurry to become the foam layer, which is the flotation concentrate. Then the concentrate is discharged from the flotation cell through scrapers or self-flow. Non-target minerals are retained in the slurry area and discharged from the tank.

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03 What are the Types of Flotation Cells?


There are many types of flotation cell. It can be divided into 4 categories according to the difference of aeration and agitation methods.

(1) Mechanical Agitation Flotation Cell

The main feature of the mechanical agitation flotation cell is that the slurry aeration and stirring are realized by the mechanical stirrer, which can self-suction air and self-suction slurry. In the flotation line, the intermediate product is returned without slurry pump. Therefore, mechanical agitation flotation machine is superior and flexible in process configuration.

(2) Air-inflation Agitation Flotation Cell

The main difference between inflatable agitation flotation cell and mechanical agitation flotation cell is that inflatable flotation cell require external air supply. Its agitator only plays the role of stirring, air is forced in by a special external blower. Inflation agitation flotation cell is often used for roughing and scavenging of simple ores.

(3) Flotation Column

Flotation column is a kind of inflatable flotation machine. It has no mechanical stirrer and no transmission parts. The aeration of pulp mainly depends on the external air compressor. The structure and process flow of flotation column are simple, which is suitable for roughing and scavenging of easily separated ores with simple composition and high grade.

(4) Gas-precipitating Flotation Cell

The gas-precipitating flotation cell is also called variable pressure or pressure-reducing flotation machine. Its main feature is that it can precipitate a large amount of foam from the solution. Commonly used are jet flotation cell and cyclone flotation cell.

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04 What are Flotation Cell Manufacturers?


There are many manufacturers of flotation machines, the representative ones are Metso Outotec flotation machine of Finland, FLSmidth flotation machine of Denmark and Xinhai flotation machine of China. In the selection of flotation machine manufacturers, it is necessary to examine various qualifications to ensure product quality and after-sales service.

05 What's the Price of Flotation Cell?


The price of flotation cell is not a fixed value, which is affected by raw materials, brands, models, installation and debugging services, usually between $30000 to $50000. If you want an accurate quotation, you can leave a message or consult our online service, we will offer you a complete quotation plan.

06 How to Select Suitable Flotation Cell?


In flotation practice, correct selection of flotation cell is beneficial to improve flotation efficiency and save energy consumption. The basic principles of flotation machine type selection are as follows:

(1) Ore Properties

On the premise that the ore is easy to separate and the aeration is not large, the mechanical agitation flotation machine can be used. On the contrary, the inflatable agitation flotation machine can be selected. When the feeding particle size is coarser, KYF type, BS-K type and CLF type coarser flotation machine can be selected. When the ore is easy to be sorted, with fine grain size, high grade and low pH value, the flotation column with large concentration can be selected.

(2) Mineral Processing Plant Scale

Under normal circumstances, large-scale flotation machines are often used in large-scale plants, and medium-sized and small-scale flotation machines are used in small and medium-sized plants. The specific specifications of the flotation machine should be determined based on technical and economic analysis.

(3) Flotation Stages

General flotation can be divided into concentration, roughing and scavenging. The main purpose of roughing and scavenging operations is to increase the recovery rate of useful minerals. So the foam layer should be thinner. Generally, mechanical agitation flotation machine with small aeration or aeration mechanical agitation flotation machine with small aeration is used. For the cleaning operation, the main purpose is to improve the grade of useful minerals. So the foam layer should be thicker. Generally, inflatable agitation flotation cell and flotation column with larger aeration capacity is used.

07To Wrap Up


The above are related questions and answers about flotation cell.  If you want to know more information, or have any questions, welcome to leave a message to us or contact the online service.




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