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7 Q&A You Need to Know about Excavators

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You may not know how does an excavator look like, but I guess you have definitely seen it before maybe on your way home. People often used excavators for construction and road building. Besides, excavators are often used for stone quarries, mining plant, etc. We have discussed about Guide of Mining Excavator Repair and Maintenance before, now I will show more details about excavators to you through 7 Q&A. Let’s dive in now!

01 How does excavators work?


The working principle of excavators is as follow. 

First, the excavator converts the chemical energy of diesel into mechanical energy, and the hydraulic plunger pump converts the mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. 

Then the hydraulic energy is distributed to each operation part like hydraulic cylinder, slewing motor-reducer, moving motor-reducer and each execution unit converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy to realize the movement of the working device, the rotary movement of the rotary platform, and the walking movement of the whole machine.

02 What is an excavator used for?


Excavator, also known as excavating machinery, is an earth-moving machine that uses a bucket to excavate materials above or below the bearing surface and load it into a transport vehicle or unload it to a stockyard. The materials excavated by the excavator are mainly soil, coal, silt, and pre-loose soil and rocks. 

From the perspective of the development of construction machinery in recent years, the development of excavators is relatively fast, and excavators have become one of the most important construction machinery in engineering construction. The three most important parameters of an excavator: operating weight (mass), engine power and bucket capacity.

03 How many types of excavators are there?


There are many types of excavator used in open-pit mines nowadays. People usually distinguish different types of excavators according to shovel loading way, driver and power system, machine size and applications.

  • According to shovel loading way, excavators can be divided into face-shovel excavator, backhoe excavator, planer shovel and dragline scraper.

  • According to driver system, excavators can be divided into mechanical drive excavator, mechanical drive excavator and hybrid drive excavator.

  • According to power system, excavators can be divided into electric drive excavator, combustion engine driven excavators and compound drive excavator.

  • According to running gear, excavators can be divided into crawler excavator, wheeled excavator, track excavator, etc.

04 How much is an excavator?


The price of excavators varies from different types, sizes and brands, etc. A cheap hydraulic crawler excavator 6 ton may costs $20,000.00 - $24,800.00/ Set; YC135S Construction Machinery Amphibious Excavator costs about $10,500.00 and a mini mining excavator may costs $4,400.00/ Unit. If you want to know more details, you can contact our online services.

05 How much do excavators cost to rent?


Excavator has a long working life, so the daily average costs is small, you can try to rent it at a low price. If you want to rent an excavator, I strongly recommend you 3 things.

  • To negotiate over the price. You may find that your investment will be cut down a lot.

  • Rent it in local market. The international shipping is expensive, you will be unwilling to find down that the shipping cover a high percentage of your total costs. And rent locally, you will get a better after-rent service.

  • Choose a normal brand. Since you won’t use the excavator, the work life of machine is not the thing you need to care. It won’t make your work back and costs less. Chinese-made is not bad.

06 What are the top excavator brands?


There are many brands of excavators nowadays and you will have many choice. Since the manufacturing technology of excavators, you barely need to worry about the quality. So choose the one you think suite you need.

07 How to choose an excavator?


When you decide to choose an excavator, you need to take series of factors into consideration, including mine scale, rock stripping volume, mining process, rock properties, eqquippment supplies and so on.

Outsize open-pit mines usually adopt excavator with no less than 8-10 m³ bucket capacity; big scale mines use 4-10m³ bucket; middle-sized mines use 2-4m³ bucket; and small scale mines use 1-2m³ bucket. There is another thing need to mention. When used with automobile transportation, an excavator must be equipped with 4-6 buckets.

08To wrap up


Here is our mining equipment lists including excavators, welcome to browse it. We can provide mining solutions and mineral processing solutions, from a to z. If you have any question, welcome to leave a message to us or contact our online service.




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