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How Much Is A Gold Processing Plant?

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Gold processing plant refers to the mineral beneficiation line used to extract gold from gold ore. With the continuous appreciation of gold and the rapid expansion of the application field, the demand for gold is increasing, and the intensity of gold mining is also increasing year by year. So, what machines are needed to set a gold processing plant? How much does a gold processing plant cost?

01 Gold Processing Plant Machines


The whole process of gold processing plant can be divided into four stages: crushing and screening, grinding and classification, separation and dewatering. The equipment used in each stage is as follows: 

(1) Gold Crushing and Screening Machines

The crushing and screening operation is the process of gradually reducing the particle size of gold ore in stages, and it is generally used as a preparatory operation before grinding in the gold processing plant. The equipment used in the gold crushing and screening stage includes jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen.

jaw crusher and cone crusher

circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen

(2) Gold Grinding and Classification Machines

The purpose of gold grinding and classification stage is to separate the useful components of gold ore from gangue, provide favorable conditions for the subsequent separation stage, and improve the grade of gold concentrate as high as possible. Common grinding and classification equipment have ball mill, spiral classifier and hydrocyclone.

ball mill and spiral classifier

(3) Gold Separation Machines

Gravity separation, flotation and cyanidation are generally used in the separation stage of gold ore. Commonly used equipment in the gold gravity separation process are shaking table, centrifugal concentrator, jig and spiral chute. Commonly used equipment in the gold flotation process are flotation cell, chemical agitation tank, etc. And the beneficiation equipment required in the gold cyanidation process includes leaching agitation tank, desorption electrolysis system, zinc powder replacement device, and carbon screen.

most commonly used gold all-sliming cyanidation process flow

(4) Gold Dewatering Machines

The separated gold concentrate pulp needs to be dewatered if it is to be used normally. It is necessary to use thickener, filter, filter press, dewatering screen, dryer and other equipment to precipitate, concentrate, dry and dewater the gold concentrate pulp to obtain finished gold concentrates that can be used for normal industrial use.

thickener and filter

filter press and dewatering screen

02 Gold Processing Plant Cost


At present, the price of gold processing plant is between $200,000 and  $6,000,000. Due to the properties of gold ore, processing line configuration, equipment quality, manufacturers and other factors, the cost varies greatly.

(1) Ore Properties

Depending on the particle size, grade and composition of gold ore, different types of mineral processing equipment are required. The equipment for easy separation of gold ore is relatively simple, and even a jig can be completed. However, some refractory gold ores need to start from crushing, which requires more equipment and larger investment.

(2) Processing Line Configuration

The equipment design of the gold processing plant has a great influence on the price. Commonly used equipment are crusher, ball mill, shaker, leaching tank, thickener, etc. Scientific and reasonable processing line configuration, such as proper connection between various equipment and compact space layout, will appropriately reduce the investment of gold processing plants.

(3) Equipment Quality

The quality, technical content and capacity of gold ore dressing equipment will affect its price. The better the quality and longer the life of the gold production line, the better the equipment will be, and therefore the higher the price. In addition, the larger the production capacity of the gold processing plant, the larger the equipment model configuration, the higher the overall price.

(4) Manufacturer

Equipment manufactured by different manufacturers has different parts materials, labor costs and other costs, resulting in different equipment prices. The larger the scale of the manufacturer, the more complete the equipment of the gold beneficiation line it can provide, the higher the overall cost-effectiveness. On the contrary, if you choose the small manufacturer, you need to piece together a set of production lines from multiple manufacturers, and the overall price is relatively high. 

03To Wrap Up


In addition, the price of gold processing plant is also affected by factors such as region, market conditions, industry competition, and manufacturer profits. It is recommended that each mine owner choose a manufacturer with overall beneficiation qualifications when purchasing equipment, and conduct a beneficiation test in advance to determine a scientific and reasonable configuration of the processing plant and minimize the investment.

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